Thursday, October 23, 2008


Why is it that so many people really have a hard time functioning when they are on the phone?  Everyone knows that people cannot drive and talk at the same time... I know you're thinking about a time when someone was a retard on the road and it effected you, all because they were on their phone, but I know you can't claim innocence.  We have all done a dumb thing or two as a result of our cellular telephone devices that we just can't seem to put down.

Well there is something worse than the combination of cell phones and driving... Cell phones and traveling, apparently, are a lethal combination.  I am a gate agent for SkyWest airlines, and I think I've seen it all until I go back to work the next day.  In one day I had a passenger standing in front of the gate miss her flight because she was on her phone!!! Can you believe that? Her full name was blaring over the intercom and she was right there, and still managed to miss her flight.  The sad part was (if you can really sympathize with her) she had to get to her final destination that night for fear of losing her job.  That, unfortunately was the last flight we had so to go through another city it was going to cost her over $1400!! That was an expensive phone call!  

That same day, my colleague/friend had a passenger who was supposed to go to Dallas on a flight that was leaving out of a gate that had a flight to Seattle departing before his flight. He stayed in the boarding area and patiently awaited for his flight to Dallas to board.  However, he spent that whole waiting period on the phone and must have lost track of time.  He got in line, still on his phone, and boarded his flight about an hour too soon.  The plane was well in the air before he discovered he was headed in the wrong direction.  He got to Seattle just to find out he had to go back through Salt Lake City to get to Dallas.  He finally made it where he originally intended to go, only about six hours later than planned on.  That was one conversation that was a complete waste of time!    

Friday, October 10, 2008

So the big question is...

What the crap do you write on your blog? I really don't have an answer, so that's why my blog has sat empty for... oh I don't know, over a year. I guess its time to join the bloggers band wagon. Maybe the real reason I haven't done anything with my blog is because I think most of the blogs I look at are pretty lame... that means mine will fit right in.
So what does a person, that doesn't have any kids and pretty much the ONLY thing she does with her life is school and work have to tell anyone else in the world? Nothing. I could post a picture of the super cute new apron I found at anthropologie the other day, or tell you all about the great recipe I created, but lets be honest... who really cares? Mostly I don't.
I think its so funny that people post pictures of their cute houses and the cute things they have done with it. I probably find it so funny because my situation is so different than most of the people I know with blogs. I currently live at home where I share a bathroom with my sister who uses beach towels to dry off after her showers. My parent's house has been due for a remodel since 1998 and could really use a facelift. Are you seeing my point? Please bless one day I will have a place of my own.
What about the cute thing that Johnny said or did the other day? I mean come on!! Why do you guys really want me to do a blog again? Oh and here's another thing... What's with all y'all and your crazy templates? I'll just stick to the basic ones they offer, thanks.